Using Notebooks

Creating a notebook

To create a new notebook, navigate to the Notebook Browser, then tap at the top of the screen.

Adding charts to a notebook

  • From within a notebook: Tap and choose whether you want to create a new chart or add an existing chart to your notebook.
  • From the main Chart Browser, you can quickly add a chart to multiple notebooks. Tap next to the chart name, then tap “Add to Notebooks.” You’ll see a list of all current notebooks – just select the notebooks you’d like to include your chart in and tap “Done.”

Removing a chart from a notebook

With the notebook open, tap next to the chart name and then tap “Remove Chart from Notebook.” The chart will remain in the main Chart Browser and any other notebooks already containing it.

Using custom sort in a notebook

You can arrange your charts in a custom view, for example in the order of your set list, by tapping the “Custom” button displayed at the top of an open notebook, then tapping “Edit” at lower left. Tap and hold the sort control in the right column to drag a chart to the preferred spot in your list. Tap “Done” at lower left to exit the sort editing mode.

Custom sort

Exporting a Notebook

Tap by a notebook’s name in the Notebook Browser to export its charts in your choice of PDF or native 1Chart formats. If you’re sharing the notebook with another 1Chart user so they can import it directly into their copy of the app, be sure to select the native “1Chart Notebook” format when exporting. You can also export a notebook as a zipped collection of .1ch files — and once unzipped, the notebook’s files can then be imported individually into 1Chart.

Importing a Notebook

Tap at the top of the Notebook Browser to import a 1Chart Notebook. The notebook must be in native 1Chart format. (1Chart cannot import a .zip file or a notebook containing PDFs.)