Performance Mode

Entering Performance Mode

To prevent accidental edits to charts while you’re performing, tap in the top menu. Once on, performance mode remains active even when you navigate to other charts. Chart editing is disabled until you tap the lock icon again.

Swipe to Access Next Chart

While in Performance Mode, you can swipe left to advance to the next chart in your main Charts list or Notebook, depending on how you navigated to the current chart. Swipe right (once past the first chart in your list) to go back to the previous chart.

Dark Mode

After entering Performance Mode, tap to invert the screen colors to a dark theme more suitable for viewing on stage or in other low-light situations. Tap again or exit Performance Mode to return the screen to the standard color theme.

Stay-Awake Mode

Tap after entering Performance Mode to prevent your iPad’s screen from dimming while you’re performing. With Stay-Awake engaged, Auto-Lock won’t engage, regardless of the preference you’ve selected in the Settings app > General > Auto-Lock. Tap again or exit Performance Mode to quit Stay-Awake Mode.