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Chart Smarter

Enter/display chords in number or letter format. Toggle back and forth at any time.


Get as detailed as you like — 1Chart lets you notate complex rhythms and dynamics


Use endings, repeat signs and other symbols to build your arrangement

1Chart in Action

Learn how writer/producer Cliff Goldmacher uses 1Chart to simplify his workflow, and listen to his latest collaboration with Mindy Smith.

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Fast, Flexible, Powerful

Tools That Put You In Control

  • Copy and paste chords, measures or entire sections for quick charting
  • Support for chord inversions, as well as common and not-so-common chord qualities – from “7” to “alt”
  • Split measures can be boxed or underlined
  • Sections can be underlined or double-underlined to give more visual cues to your song’s structure

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Share charts as PDFs or editable 1Chart files.

All Your Charts in One Convenient Location

Take your iPad® and leave the giant binder at home.

Lock Charts While You Perform

Performance mode prevents edits while you’re performing.

New in Version 2.0

Just-added features to make charting even faster and easier:


Option to display chords as letters, with intelligent key changes and modulations


Two-column format — often helpful for fitting more content on a single page


Performance mode, with option to invert colors (“dark mode”)


Export and import notebooks, for easy sharing of set lists

1Chart brings the world’s most convenient charting system to the iPad.

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