Special thanks and many tips of the hat to the core group of talented musicians whose insights helped shape 1Chart

Jon Putnam

Jon is a third-generation bassist originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. “Jon Bang” (as he is known to friends) has worked in the studio with Jimmy Buffet and Dan Fogelberg, and he’s played and toured with artists including Delbert McClinton, Emily West and Billy Dean.

Jerry Kimbrough

A graduate of the University of Miami School of Music, Jerry has 25 years’ experience as a studio guitarist in Nashville. He’s proud to have worked with some of the best musicians in the world, adding his creative expertise to pop, rock, country, alternative, Americana, gospel, jazz and various dance music projects. You can find Jerry at proguitartracks.com.

Eric Kaberle

Eric has played drums with Loretta Lynn since 2002 and recorded in studios in Nashville since 1996. He teaches multiple instruments and has created song charts and lead sheets for numerous individuals and companies.

Marco Coblenz

Marco is a Numbers expert and self-described “music nerd” who is doing more than his part to let Europe know about the wonders of the Nashville Number System.

And last but not least...

Thanks to all of you who are using the app – you’re the reason we brought 1Chart to life!