Importing, Exporting and Printing Charts

Importing charts from cloud services

To import a chart from a cloud service like iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive, navigate to the Chart Browser, tap and select “Import Chart.” You’ll then be able to select the the cloud service and folder containing your chart. Only charts in 1Chart format (.1ch) can be imported; PDFs cannot be imported into 1Chart.

Exporting/Emailing charts

To export or email a chart, open the chart, tap at the top of the screen, then select “Send a Copy.” Choose between sending the chart in PDF or 1Chart formats, and you can then choose between emailing the file or sending it to a cloud service such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

TIP: Take care with the final exporting step

After you’ve navigated to the iCloud Drive or other cloud-service folder where you want to place your chart file, it’s tempting to tap “Done” at top right to save it — but doing so will not export the file. Instead, look for a button at the bottom of the folder navigation window, named as follows:

  • iCloud Drive in iOS 8 and iOS 9: “Export to this location”
    (For iCloud Drive in iOS 10, once you’ve located the destination folder you want to use, you can simply tap the folder to complete the export.)
  • Dropbox: “Save to Folder”
  • Google Drive: “Save Here”

Exporting a Notebook

Tap by a notebook’s name in the Notebook Browser to export its charts in your choice of PDF or native 1Chart formats. If you’re sharing the notebook with another 1Chart user so they can import it into their copy of the app, be sure to select the native 1Chart format when exporting.

Importing a Notebook

Tap at the top of the Notebook Browser to import a 1Chart Notebook. The notebook must be in native 1Chart format. (1Chart cannot import a notebook containing PDFs.)

Printing charts to an AirPrint-capable printer

Tap in the top menu, select “Send a Copy,” tap “Export” (using the default PDF format), tap “Print.”

Printing charts without an AirPrint-capable printer

Export or email your chart as a PDF, as described above, and print the file from your computer or other device with a connected printer.