Creating Arrangements: Repeats, Endings, etc.

Accessing arrangement symbols

The Symbol Keyboard contains most of the characters used to create arrangements, including repeat, coda, segno, D.S. and time signatures.

Symbol keyboard

Using the phrase separator dot

The phrase separator dot, found next to the space key on all 1Chart keyboards, is commonly used to help with chart readability by separating groups of measures that are contained on the same line.

Phrase separator dot

Indicating time signature changes

Time signature characters are found on the Symbol Keyboard. You’ll find individual keys for several time signatures, along with a “y/z” key that gives access to less common signatures.

Designating 1st/2nd/etc. Endings

To denote a phrase as a first, second or later ending, place your cursor in the measure that begins the phrase, then tap “Ending” on the keyboard. Tap the number for your ending.

You can notate an ending to be played on a single pass…


Or tap “Ending” again to add more numbers, indicating passages played on multiple passes.