Creating Measures and Sections

Single-chord measures

To create a measure with a single chord, type the chord, then tap “end measure.”

“Split” or multi-chord measures

To create a measure with more than one chord, type the chords, then tap “end measure.” The measure will be underlined by default to indicate it’s a split measure.

Underlining and boxing measures

Measures are underlined by default when you tap “end measure.” There are two ways to box the measure instead:

  • Long-press the “end measure” key as you’re completing a measure. You’ll see an options for underlining and boxing the measure.
  • With the cursor in a measure that’s already been underlined, tap the “Measure” button at the top of the keyboard and select “Box” from the options.

Single- and double-underlining sections

To underline a section, place the cursor anywhere in the body of the section and tap the “Section” button at the top of the keyboard. You can choose between single- underline, double-underline and no formatting.

If you most often prefer single- or double- underlining sections, you might want to go to Chart Settings > Defaults for New Charts > Section Line Default to set your default preference. (Otherwise 1Chart defaults to no formatting.)