Worship charts


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A lot of the worship sites have those crappy charts that give no indication of timing. Sometimes they falsely advertise ad Nashville number charts, but one episode again there is no indication of timing and just the numbers above words. Lame.
Is there any websites that give true NN charts? Or any communities or websites that share them?


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I'm not aware of any sites that do that, but maybe someone else will chime in.


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I have over a hundred NNS worship charts I've created for our church, but copyright law prevents sharing them online. I suspect other churches that use NNS are in the same boat.


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Lots you creating worship charts probably use Planning Center Online's Services. Have you experimented with the ChordPro option there? I've found it very useful in creating charts that indicate rhythms accurately. I generally create the ChordPro charts myself, but I know that some publishers, including WorshipTogether.com, make their songs available in ChordPro format. That saves a lot of work. I've also just discovered 1Chart, having played with a Nashville musician this weekend at a worship conference in Seattle. I'm loving what I'm seeing in the app. So glad I've learned about it.