Won’t save additions to previous chart

Hi, I couldn’t find this in any other thread. I made a chart with lyrics. It was 3 “pages”. I may not have “locked” it. When I opened it at rehearsal, only the first few measures were there. So I buckled down and redid the missing measures, making sure I locked it this time. Opened it just now and same thing, most of it is missing. Any info on what I’m doing wrong?
Oh, I did a lot of copying and pasting since most sections were similar. There were a few chord substitutions that I would change after pasting.
I am going to delete it and start completely over, maybe leaving the lyrics out. I have no problems with the other charts I’ve created. Thanks.
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Hello! Sorry to hear about the issue. I do think your idea of creating a new chart is the way to go. And please make sure you have the latest version of 1Chart. (Go to the "?" Help menu > Credits, and you'll find the version # at the end of that screen. Latest version is 2.1.3.) I'll PM you my email, and please contact me if you run into other issues.