v2.3 rolling out


Staff member
v2.3 is in the App Store and being made available to existing users in a phased rollout.

1Chart v2.3 requires iPadOS 14 or later and features the following updates:
  • When adding charts to a notebook, a new “Select All Charts” button makes it easier to create an exportable notebook containing all your charts.
  • A notebook exported in 1Chart Notebook format (.1nb) now retains custom-sort info.
  • Fixed a bug that could momentarily interfere with display of the header key after exiting Performance Mode.
To allow notebooks to retain custom-sort info on export, we needed to change to the underlying structure of notebooks. Because of this, notebooks (.1nb format) created in 1Chart v2.3 cannot be imported into earlier versions of the app (meaning 1Chart v2.2.1 or earlier). Please note that you can still export charts from 1Chart v2.3 to an earlier version of the app.

Usually we try to keep all formats backwards-compatible, but this notebook change was necessary not only to facilitate retaining custom-sort info but also to allow some future updates we’re working on.

Hope you enjoy the new version!