v2.0 is live!


Staff member
Should be hitting the App Store for everyone over the next few hours (although it sometimes takes up to 24 hours). It's a giant update, and it's free for all current users. Enjoy!

The new stuff:
  • This is the big one: Option to display chords as letters, with intelligent key changes and modulations. Change the key in your chart’s header, and 1Chart will update your chart to reflect the change. Have bandmates who don't like reading numbers? Have a chart with a bunch of modulations that's easier to read with letter chords? 1Chart v2.0 is here to help!
  • Two-column format — often helpful for fitting more content on a single page
  • Measure alignment (formerly known as “columns”) now supports up to eight measures per line
  • Performance mode, with options to invert colors (“dark mode”) and prevent iPad screen dimming
  • Export and import notebooks
  • AirPrint
  • Improved keyboard layouts
  • Added “Subhead” field to chart header
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements
Big thanks to all the beta testers who contributed their time and input to this release. Cheers!

For more details, see 1Chart in the App Store.