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I found this book useful in explaining how the Nashville number system works a while back.
The first part of the book has instruction on the theory on how it works, symbols and various ways charts can be written. The rest of the book shows handwritten charts from five people all notating the same song in their own style (10 songs in total). You can study how the system works then learn how a chart might be presented to you. You can listen to each track as they had done following along with any of the five charts. Excellent music played by top players, in a variety of different styles, time signatures and feels so you can see how each chart maps out the song.
Then at the end of the book are more handwritten charts from many others which are useful to study and test recognition of all the elements involved.

There are divided opinions as to whether charts should be perfectly presented using computer, iPad, digital layout techniques or not, but the tradition of hand writing should be appreciated by everyone and you can see exactly this in this book.

Well recommended for those wanting to learn about the Nashville number system—then you can understand 1Chart, its features and appreciate the clarity it offers.

(I purchased the book and CD myself, I have no connection with its author, Chas Williams at all.)
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