Update: iPadOS 13 & 1Chart


Staff member
With Apple scheduled to release iPadOS 13 today (a few days ahead of their originally announced release date), I wanted to provide an update on 1Chart's compatibility with this latest OS.

While they're not "showstoppers," there are a couple of known issues with running 1Chart v2.1.3 (the current App Store version) on iPadOS 13:
  • When adding existing charts to a Notebook, the "Cancel" and "Add" buttons can appear almost invisible on screen (to left and right of the "Select Charts" header, respectively). The buttons still function, but are difficult to see.
  • Additional white space appears at the top of charts. You can scroll the added space out of view, and it doesn't print, but it's clearly something we want to fix.
We do have fixes in place for these two issues, but an additional bug appeared as a result of the changes. The new bug is more problematic than those detailed above, so we're holding off on a release until we've resolved it.

We're actively working on the fix, and I'll post an update here in the Community to let you know when an update is available in the App Store.