Two Questions about using program: Crescendos/Decrescendos & bottom #’s


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2 questions:

1. How do I handle a decrescendo right next to a crescendo - looks like example pic - messy

2. And how do I put sharps/flats in the bottom number of the bass fraction - like second chart should read 3 over 5 # and 2 over 4# - how do I do that?




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First type your primary chord number. Next type the x/y. Follow this by your accidental (sharp or flat symbol). Finish by putting in the bass number. Vwallaaa!!!!

That's the answer to the second question. The first question, I don't know on that.
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1. Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like a bug, but from testing here, there's an easy workaround: Type "end measure" after the second 4 chord. In other words, type "end measure" after the last chord on that line. Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

2. Mschinke's steps are perfect if you want the accidental before the bass number, and have chart settings "Accidentals Format" set as "b3". If you want accidentals after the note, first check you've got Accidentals Format set that way, then type:
  • Chord
  • "x/y" key
  • Bass note
  • accidental
Hope this helps, and let me know if you have further questions!


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Thanks, Mschinske and Mark, for the replies.

Changing the accidentals format worked, and I was using the smaller accidentals button on the left side of keyboard rather than the larger one on the right - it kept giving me the top accidental. And yes, your workaround for the decrescendo-crescendo marking worked. Thanks, Mark