Trouble adding new charts


New Member
I first want to say that I really love this app. I use it for pretty much every gig that requires that I learn new material. It’s quick, simple, and effective.

I’ve just started to run into a problem that I think stems from having too many charts stored in the app. It’s started crashing when I try to add new charts. Not every time, but far more frequently than before. I think I have a good 200 charts stored.

My workflow has it to where I create the chart in 1Chart and bring it into OnSong. This has been my go to solution for months and months. Once they’re in onsong, I don’t have a need to keep them in 1Chart, but they tend to build up over time.

I would love if there was a way to delete multiple charts at the same time. Is there something I’m overlooking? Does this feature already exist?

Thanks again for making such a useful app. It’s really been a game changer!


Staff member
200 charts shouldn't be a problem at all. I'll follow up with you and take the conversation to our email support address so we can get things cleared up for you.

Also, there's no multi-delete option available now (each chart deletion needs to be confirmed whether it's via a "swipe" or Edit > select "delete"), but we have it on the wish list.

Glad you're enjoying the app, but sorry you're having trouble at the moment. We'll get things sorted out!