The possibility of use iCloud to backup my charts


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Hello, I’ve been using the app for 5 months every day and it is great, now I have registered 195 charts, I use the app in my iPad, but now I am afraid of losing my iPad, or that it could fail, or something that represents losing my info, and the time I have invested typing all my charts.
It would be great if you guys (the 1Chart team) could add the feature to sync with iCloud, or to export the database, so if I would like to export my library to my iPhone I could do that, or even better save all my info automatically in the cloud, so then if I loose my iPad I can simply login in my account and reinstall it on a new one and my info could be there. Also a kindly reminder if you guys could and a simple search field, search it getting harder every time I Add a new chart. Thank you.


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In short, stay tuned. :) We're working on a few things. Don't be surprised if it doesn't all hit in the next update, but we're working on it.

In the meantime, please know that as long as you have your iPad set to back up, your iPad's data (including 1Chart files) is saved and can be used to "restore" your info to a new iPad if needed.

And if you want to create an additional safety backup of your charts, you can create a notebook containing all charts, and export that in .1nb format — you can store that in any cloud service. That file can then be imported on any iPad with 1Chart.