The Nashville Bagpiper from Downunder


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Hi Everyone, my name is Fraser, a bagpiper living in Australia. I've converted my band over to using Nashville numbering but have always struggled to get everyone in the band to chart the same way, or almost the same way.

This app is most inspiring, not for what it does now but for what it will become. I gladly bought the app for no other reason than to help support its development. A fantastic concept, well executed.

Nashville numbering system breaks down barriers in music, and this app breaks down the barriers to charting. I'm a Mac only person, but I'd love to see this app reach out to all the other popular device platforms: a universal app for a universal charting system. With that would come limitations no doubt on the IOS platform, but just look what they have done with Wunderlist: simple, robust, universal.

Not sure where to post this next bit but I couldn't join the forum from my iPad/Safari, the submit button wouldn't fire, even with all the errors fixed and T&C checked.


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Thanks for introducing yourself, Fraser! Great to hear that the Number System and 1Chart are doing their part in Australia, and I'm also excited about where else 1Chart might go in the future. I appreciate the support.

I'll look into the forum signup issue on the iPad – thanks for reporting.