Text cursor and selection

It would be helpful to have cursor “nudge” arrows on the keyboard. When I edit text, it is difficult to place the cursor exactly where I want it. I often have to delete all or most of the text just to fix it. I’m tempted to buy a hardware keyboard just to get this feature.

Selecting parts of the chart is also hit or miss. Often I can tap on a chord to select it but then pulling the selector bars apart to enlarge the selection requires many attempts. I just can’t get a grip on the tug bars.

Also, tapping on text often just highlights the text but does not open the text box for editing.


Staff member
Thanks for the feedback, Paul. Noted and added to the wish list. By "text," I'm 99% sure you're talking about cases where the regular iPadOS alpha keyboard appears — as in song title, subtitle, section labels, comments. Just want to confirm.

I understand your point on chart contents selection and will take a look at what can be done. One tip: Once you start dragging one of the blue selection bars (aka "lollipops"), don't let go until it's placed where you want it. It's more difficult to re-place them after the fact.
Yes. It's mainly the comment text that needs a precise cursor. I can't get a grip on the lollipops in the first place, so I can't let go of them, either.