Support for capo please!


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It would be great if 1Chart had support for capos. For example, I'm charting a song in the key of Db. Guitar plays the song as if in the key of C with a capo at fret 1. Problem is the key is indicated at the top correctly as Db, but I need to type all chords (as letters) as if in C. That's a problem when I share this chart with other players not using NN. It's a problem because the key shows Db, but the chords are written out in C. If I just set the key in the first place to be C and type the chords in C, the header shows the wrong actual key. (It's really Db, not C.)

It would be great to have an option to simply toggle capo on/off and then specify the 'capo key'. That setting would auto-adjust the chords. That way I could specify the true song key of Db, toggle on capo=key-C, and type out chords as if in C. If I needed to export a copy for the keyboard player, I could toggle off the capo and chords would adjust to show Db. If I needed to export another copy to another guitarist to play with a different fingering, I could set capo=key-G and the chords would all adjust to be key of G. All the while always showing the true key of Db in the header.

Don't know if the app could be made smart enough to figure out the capo fret - and if that could be indicated in the header as well.


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Good stuff. All makes sense, and I'll make sure it's added to the wish list. But... here's something you can do right now in the app that may solve things for you. For the scenario you mentioned, with song in Db and guitar capo'd at 1st fret for a "capo key" of C...

Add a comment and a mod like this:

You could even make the capo line a separate section (called... Capo) before the intro, just for clarity.

And then if the keyboard player needs the file, change the mod to Db (with "adjust downstream" on), at which point you could just delete the mod.