Suggestion: Connectors for comments


New Member
Hi, I know you have bazillions of requests to add some sort of free commenting feature. To add an element to that, I'd like to suggest that you be able to connect the comments to notations on the chart. For example, if you wanted a bass walk up to start on the 3rd beat of a rested bar, you'd be able to easily connect the comment "bass w/u" to the X that indicates that particular beat with a line.

I could try to explain it further, but really it's just borrowing MS Visio's line connectors and snap points concept.

Additionally, it would be great if the comments were totally free floating objects that you could drag around and place anywhere, without being confined to a specific line of the chart, AND they stay connected to the snap points whilst dragging.

Thanks for considering!


Staff member
Yes, that's the magic that would make it really useful. :) So as chart contents flow, comments would follow along, too. Thank you for chiming in on this, @Ryantology.