Scolling through charts with my iPad (using a bluetooth foot pedal)

I love 1Chart & have completed many charts using it. What is the simplest way to view & scroll through my charts for a live performance? (using a bluetooth foot pedal). I am rather new to this whole scene, so any help will be much appreciated!
PS: I have a Stomp Bluetooth pedal by CODA Music (Christmas gift).
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Hi Radley, good to hear you’re liking 1Chart!

Right now the swipe gesture is the only way to go forward/backward through notebooks (aside from navigating via the notebook menu, of course). But I’m hearing a number of requests for Bluetooth page-turn capability and have it on the consideration list for a future update. Please stay tuned.

The CODA looks really nice!
What is the Swipe gesture??? If I export my 1Chart files as PDFs, could I then use a PDF reader app to go forward/backward through song folders?


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To navigate from chart to chart in a Notebook:
  • Navigate to your notebook in the left-hand list view.
  • Enter Performance Mode by tapping the lock at top of screen
  • Swipe from right to left to go to the next chart, or left to right to go to the previous chart
This lets you "page through" your notebook. (You can also page through the list in your Charts view — same steps as above, but just start from the Charts view.)

Hope that helps!


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Forgot to mention... About using a PDF reader to go forward/back through charts, did you mean using the CODA pedal? That would depend on the PDF app, so I'm not sure about that.

Otherwise, you might find it more straightforward overall just to navigate in 1Chart using Performance Mode.