Saving & Backing Up

Bill Moore

New Member
I back up my iPad manually using iTunes and it is supposed to save "a full backup" on the computer.
But what if the iPad is destroyed or lost, then the backup doesn't help me until I get another iPad -
and the gig is tonight! So what is the best way to save charts/notebooks in case of such a disaster? Export and email to myself in PDF format? Or is there a smarter way to do it? Thanks, Bill


Staff member
Hi Bill, great question and I think the PDF idea is a good one for another level of backup safety. There's another thread on this topic that I'll update to include the PDF idea, but here's the snapshot overview of backups:
  1. Make sure your entire iPad is backing up to iCloud and/or a computer.
  2. For extra safety, add all your charts to a single notebook and export it (to iCloud or Dropbox, etc.) in .1nb and/or .zip formats (with the .zip containing .1ch files).
  3. For the printable backup you've suggested, add all charts to a single notebook and export it as a .zip with PDFs.
By the way, I'm taking notes for the next 1Chart version — about possibly adding some "one-button" actions to make the extra/safety backups easier. Thanks for bringing up the topic, Bill.

Tony Chung

New Member
+1000 for this option. An auto sync to a cloud service of choice would be great! Dropbox and GDrive are given, but I use for its other features and love it. ;-)