Rhythmic Notation Mute/Marcato on a beamed note.


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Tried the help pages, tried experimenting... cannot find a way to place the Marcato/mute symbol on beamed note, particularly with in a set of beamed notes. For example, I want to place one on the the 3rd sixteenth note in a set of 4 beamed sixteenth notes. Any help with this much appreciated!


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I'm afraid there's no way to "attach" a marcato to a particular note in 1Chart right now. The marcato symbol in 1Chart is really intended to apply to an entire measure (or at least until the next chord), as in: Start playing the chord, then quickly mute it. As opposed to a staccato type of play/mute/play again situation.

I'm wondering if the following notation would help with your example. Maybe something to try.


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