Quick Notes & Highlighting Suggestion


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One thing I would _really_ find useful would be a "scribble" layer for each chart, featuring a thinner black pen and a thicker yellowish highlighter brush.

I sometimes just export the PDF and take it over into a highlighting app to make gig notes but that's pretty cumbersome and removes the option to edit the underlying chart any further.

With this feature, completed charts could be "scribbled" on "top" of, non-destructively, with temporary or gig-specific notes, cross-outs, additional marks, corrections, highlighted sections, etc. just roughly as if you were altering a printed chart with your rehearsal room pencil / pen. No shape tools, menus or text fields, just a scribbly pen / pencil cursor (and an eraser block) for temporary edits on top of an existing chart.

A simple toggle could hide/show the scribble layer as needed. What do you think?

(Fancy ideas : 2-3 colors of highlighter. Selectable colors. Multiple layers for different gigs or arrangements.)



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Extensive annotation/markup tools would be really nice, ala ForScore, but that could be a major R&D project. However importing a pdf into ForScore is a totally viable workflow, since the copy in ForScore will update and preserve annotations if a new version of the same pdf is reimported.