Potential further improvements

Hi Mark,

Still loving the app...have over 600 charts now so using this as very much part of my daily musical work flow:

After using for a while, I have a number of suggestions re further improvements that would make this great app greater! Most of the feedback relates to storing, managing and sharing charts as for me the actual charting works perfectly. I use Forescore to view pdfs of the charts so wouldn’t use 1Chart to view at a gig. I dep in a number of bands so might be playing the same songs with different structures. So for me the key is to be able to access the 1Chart files to make corrections and edits, creating an easy workflow as easy as possible. At the moment this isn’t particularly easy but would be transformed with some of the below:

1. Have the ability to keep multiple versions of the same song - Need a better way of managing a song that might have different original artists (ie Superstition - Stevie Wonder And Stevie Ray Vaughan), Or band structures (different bands might play in different keys and structure). At the moment every name has to be unique which if you duplicate and rename causes a problem later in th work flow. See below..
2. Keep the file name when you export - Let’s say you create a file called Ain’t Nobody and send it to Forescore. I want to back the 1Chart up so periodically export directly to Dropbox as a bulk. The file is saved as lower case looking like this AinOCOt Nobody.1ch due to the punctuation. When you import back in to the app to make changes at a later point it come in lower case ie ainocot nobody. I would have to change the name however when I export to Forescore it comes over with the lowercase name....causes a problem as Forescore doesn’t see this as a duplicate so have to mess around with deleting old, renaming and re adding to set lists. This occurs because of the naming.
3. Bulk add or delete files - When you go to move files to a notebook for exporting you have to check every chart...could we have a select all. Secondly if you want to wipe the files locally you have to do it individually or delete the app completely.
4. Add in an alphabetical search on the main screen - Not easy to search for charts at the main screen, especially if you have a lot of charts. You are constantly scrolling to find things.
4. Online app - I’ve fed back on this before but the game changer for me would be to have a way of editing charts via the app but storing on a cloud of some sort ie Dropbox. My biggest head ache is keeping 1 version of each chart and avoiding duplication and version control. I know a number of people were asking about this...are there any plans for this? If I’m honest rather move to a web app and have no local storage of charts if we could nail the version controlling. Obviously some of the above feedback would be obsolete if you went this way.

I don’t know whether any of the suggestions resonating with others? Let me know your thoughts.

Many thanks



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Chris, thanks for the input! File management is on my radar for the next update, which is in planning stages now. (To be clear, this isn't the update that's about to be released, which gets things ready for iPadOS 13.) Great to have your experience to help shape how we approach an update.

Following up on each topic...
1. There's really no way around needing unique file names, but I understand what you're getting at! Tags are one possibility.
2. Thanks for bringing this up. I'll see what we can do to clean things up.
3. As above.
4. On the list!
5. This is on the list, too. I'm taking a look at options to make version control and file management easier for individual users as well as multiple band members. This one is a little more complex, so it may not make the update being planned, but I'll see what can be done.

Thanks again, Chris. This is all very helpful.
Thanks for the update Mark and for all the great work. If you do need a hand re feedback or beta testing I would be really keen to get involved if this could help. I obviously have a vested interest as much of my workflow as a dep stems from this great app!

I like your idea about the tagging....part of the problem here is that you can’t have multiple songs with the same name. Not sure how the database works but is there a way around this with the unique identifier being an iD number rather than the name? As part of the file when you set it up, would be useful to hold additional info like the artist, key, Nashville or chords and version (ie for different bands). If you are able to publish out with this info and have this picked up by the viewing app (ie Forescore) again this would save a load of time. I believe that app picks up the tags on PDFs already. I’m not sure how people use this programme with other apps but for me its this increased integration with Forescore would add great value.

Thanks again and shout if you need anything further.



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Thanks for the additional notes on tagging/Forescore. I do think tags have the potential to help with these scenarios we're talking about. By the way, if a unique ID were used as the file name, it would need to be the file name that's exposed if you export a file or pdf, which wouldn't be a very "friendly" name to look at. But tags... there might be something there. :) Thanks again, Chris!