Post comments under/over measure instead of before/after

Is there a way to show comments above or below a measure? So far I can only add comments before or after.

Another thought... is there a way to mark lyrics too?
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At this point, there's no way to position comments directly above or below a measure, unless that measure happens to be at the beginning of a line. But this is on the wish list!

Lyrics are another item on the wish list. Right now it's really only feasible to add short snippets of lyrics in comments, to be used as reminders rather than complete lyrics.


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+1 on more robust commenting. I also use Piascore for a sheet music viewer--its annotation tools are fantastic. It would be great to see 1Chart incorporate similar functionality.
Adding full lyrics would be great but lyrics cues would be awesome as well.
Would love to see a feature that is progression library. These could be added as snippets to speed up chart creation.

2,4 and 8 bar patterns. Such as iii-Vi- ii-V-I
Love the app


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Thanks for the progression library idea, StanleyRH! I will make sure I've got this documented in the wish list.

Lyric cues are possible using the Comment feature, if that helps you out. But I am looking into additional style/placement/location options for lyrics and comments.
I'd kind of like to see the option of placing a comment in the section section.
Say there's a breakdown chorus section, halfway through the band comes back in.
It would be nice to note that at the line without creating the line space that comes from creating a section.