Overview: Anytune (transcription app)


I have been using Anytune for a number of years, mainly as a transcription tool. Within the basic version you can purchase any additional features as you need them—or go directly to Pro+ with better audio quality, finer pitch adjustments, unlimited markers, importing from multiple sources, transcribe mode (see below), gain and pan adjustments and so on.

After importing a song it can be played back at slower (or faster) tempos, change key or re-pitch (finer adjustments), apply EQ (for example to clarify the bass), loop an area, set markers, jump to markers, set a skip region, scrub and show lyrics. It's designed for us musicians to study, learn, analyse, practice, transcribe, record with and play backing tracks live.

While it is playing you can either tap the replay button, which jumps back a (configurable) few seconds to re-listen or use transcribe mode where tapping a button marks a new start point to play from if needed, as you progress through. Unfortunately at this time (June 2016) neither Anytune nor 1Chart have split view* but you can set a slow playback speed and have it running in the background while inputting in 1Chart. (Or run Anytune from your iPhone then use 1Chart on your iPad if that is easier.) I concentrate on entering the main chord (numbers) on the first pass then add any qualities I missed (such as 7, minor, 6) as it plays the second time. I then add any necessary rhythmic notation, tidy up and format the page to finish, so it all takes longer than with paper and pencil, but obviously much easier to read from :)

* Tech support is very responsive. I asked about Split view while preparing this overview and received an answer within an hour, saying they hope to add it in the future.
There is also a Mac version which feels more spacious although I usually just use the iPad version. (Windows and Android are under consideration at time of writing.)

There are other similar apps if you run a search.

1 song info left, song waveform, marker 1 set, loop set A to B
2 some built-in EQ presets (manual EQ available also)


Based on Anytune v3.13 (iOS)
I have no association with Anytune other than being a contented user.


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Loved the iOS version when I was primarily an Apple music lover... But since moving to Prime I found it just...doesn't work so well.

If it's any help, I now use Transpose for Chrome - it was about £2.50 ($4 ish), and is great for slowing down tracks that I own (or 'borrow' from youtube...)
Really useful for transcription.