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Mark, have you any plans for import/export music XML yet? (I see a post asking about turning the numbers into letters to specifically define the key and chords).
Just wondering (no hurry)
Hey @arco, MusicXML is definitely on my radar. Would love to have some perspective from you (and anyone else reading this thread). How would you use it primarily – how would it make things easier for you? And would you use it for import, export or both?

By the way, the plan is for 1Chart v2.0 to allow toggling between chord numbers and chord letters, if that makes a difference in your answer.

Great topic, arco!
I think both import and export would be useful.
Doing a arrangement in Sibelius (or whatever) then summarising as NN, you could just export the chords into 1Chart, edit the form, add a few rhythm notations and its done. You might have different bands doing the same piece, sometimes with a brass and full rhythm section, other times, just a couple of players. Just an example.

Export would be similar, where you chart it in 1Chart to get the form and chords, then export this to arrange, or send it to an auto- accompaniment software (or plugin) for practice or rehearsal, or DAW for creating a backing.

I think 1Chart should be able to integrate either way.
You have other great suggestions from others here, related directly to layout, function and features which I hope would have priority. Personally, I consider MusicXML an enhancement, more specialised and could be added later.
I'll +1 this. I work in music theater a lot, and the ability to score out four part harmonies in a score setting, but then export to 1chart for the nashville bands (and to change keys as needed in rehearsals) would be great. Not to mention–apart from my more peculiar need–I have to imagine there are some folks who have previously created libraries of charts in sibelius who would love to have a faster way to re-create in 1chart without having to enter them by hand. My two cents. Love the app. Great work.
Thanks for chiming in on this, @chafferdon. I really like the idea of MusicXML... going to be investigating more about how it could work in 1Chart.
Related tidbit: Just saw that the new version of Logic Pro (10.3) includes importing/exporting of MusicXML. Interesting...
Makes sense. Honestly, I'm new to the "scoring" game, but it seems to me that XML is the lingua franca, so this would put you guys in the "effortless to talk back and forth with related apps" category, and out of the "specialized document creator" category... of course, I don't know cost/benefit/supply/demand etc. for it, but...
I too am interested in XML (or some text form) interchange (export/import) capabilities BUT to be frank, I think trying to adopt any of the proposed standard XML schemas is overkill. As a working professional programmer (meaning I get paid) I'd recommend creating your own concise XML that conforms to your Apps current architecture and not waste the effort trying to conform to the one-ring-to-rule-them-all approach of MusicXML. This is not to say that you can't try to fit a subset BUT the advantage of adding ANY text editable format far outweighs the benefit of attempting to extract any usable information from someone else's XML data.
My personal use case would be to take the various text files I have sitting around and hand edit them into importable 1ch.xml files.
On examination your current .1ch file format appears to be binary. If you had a file format specification available (subject to appropriate NDA of course) I'd love to get a copy. No promises of course but I could see that a to/from conversion utility might satisfy most of my need. Plus it is the sort of thing that you could add as a website service. Thanks.
@reh, great point about the possibilities of hand-editing existing files to make them importable. XML is still something I'm looking at for the next major release... If it looks like it offers some nice benefits w/o becoming a crazy trip down the rabbit hole (for me or for users) then I'd like to implement it. I'd rather not get into a file-format discussion here, or under NDA, but I appreciate your interest in this — and the idea sharing!
MusicXML import/export would be great - these days I need to have drone pads on a lot of church service songs. If I could import MusicXML from 1Chart into Logic, my piano and drone tracks would be almost done ;-)
Thanks for the great work Mark - still using 1Chart every week
Any update on this feature?
As commented abode, it would be great to import/export from/to iReal.
Also, being able to get a text based format, I could investigate a bit.
Nothing to announce yet. We'll be diving into some other features before MusicXML gets a green light, but it's still on the wish list. Appreciate the input, @davidd00.