Managing charts/lyric sheets


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New to 1Chart and I'm a big fan so far. Previously I was using OnSong with the chords written in there and it just didn't give me enough options in terms of charting things out.

What are some ways people are managing/organizing their charts and lyrics sheets for rehearsals and gigs? I like using the iPad in rehearsals and gigs incase somebody wants to sit in and play a song I haven't played in a while.

I'm thinking about exporting charts into OnSong as PDFs, one page is the chart and the second has lyrics written out as a giant comment. Or maybe do charts in 1Chart and lyrics as a separate file in OnSong.

I'm open to suggestions, other apps, anything.


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What I was trying to do,
Copy and past!
Wouldn't it be great to be able to copy an entire song with lyrics and chords and then past that into a new chart.
Maybe it does that, but I can't figure that out, and the help section is limited to the functionality of The transcription process.
I would like to be able to past in examples of songs that do have existing charts to compare and learn from.
Please who ever is programing this app, add a copy and past function.
I know I can Copy the lyrics, as "p_lawls" mentioned above, "Lyrics written out as a Giant Comment" did that done that!!!!
I'll try support again UGH!


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Hi @Cito , I'll follow up again via support email, but to let you know here, as well... What I understand is that you're asking if there is a way to paste a chart consisting of "raw" text like the following into 1Chart.

D Cadd9 G
Lyrics go here and here and here
D Cadd9 G
Lyrics go here and here and here
D Cadd9 G
Lyrics go here and here and here
D Cadd9 G
etc. etc. etc.

There's no way to paste an entire chart like that into 1Chart. 1Chart's format is specialized and raw text such the example above can't be pasted in (from Word or another text editor, for example) into 1Chart. Hope this helps, although I understand it's not the answer you're hoping to get! :)