Mac Version

I completely agree! This has been the one feature lacking that has prevented a few band leader friends of mine from converting as they write lots of charts at the computer and want to be able to see it on the same screen.
I'd like to add my support for development of a Mac version. For those of use the app a lot, it would be a great thing to be able to work from a laptop. Thanks for a great app!
+1 I’m a brand new 1Chart user coming from iReal (boo! hiss! but it was the best charting and play along option for my ancient iPad). Very excited to have good looking charts I can gladly share with others.

I’m used to making my charts on my Mac, cloud syncing then just making small edits at rehearsals on iPad or iPhone. A Mac version, an iPhone version and cloud syncing for 1Chart would be incredible. Thank you!
Hey Mark;
loooong time user here. Just wanted to throw my support into the Mac app discussion. Would love to be able to use it on my studio Mac. Also, if there was a way to import midi files (with chord information) it would make the app unbeatable and super fast for transcribing pieces. Thanks for your awesome work - after all these years I am still using the app every week and it has never let me down.
Robert DiBlanco
Robert, good to hear from you, and thanks for chiming in here! I appreciate the feedback. We’ll definitely take this into consideration as we’re planning updates.