Little Red Corvette

I am just getting started with 1Chart. I am charting Little Red Corvette by Prince. The entire song is basically Fmaj, Gmaj, Amin. I think normally this would make the key C. NNS says this would be a 4, 5, 6. In my first chart, I started by charting this as 4 5 6-.

I just watch a tutorial that suggests that I should use the 1 quite frequently, if I am not using the 1 frequently, the song is probably not in the right key. So, it seems that the real key is F, so I would chart it as 1, 2, 3-. But, the 2 is major, not minor.

Is this in the key of F or C? Do I notate 4 5 6 or 1 2 3?

I also just watch a tutorial that says that the 2, 3, and 6 are by default minor and should NOT be notated as such. We can assume a 2, 3, and 6 are minor so it should not be notated.

Since the second chord is Gmaj, would I write 2maj to show the exception/accidental?

It seems to me that it would be best to notate it as 1 2 3-, but this seems to break some rules?

How do you notate Fmaj, to Gmaj, to Amin?


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I gave this version a listen...

...and basically I'm hearing (using the asterisk as a way to separate out the phrases in the chorus):

Verse: Gb Ab Bbm
Chorus: Gb Ab Db * Gb Ab Bbm Ab * Gb Ab Db * Gb Ab

But you could definitely play the song a half-step lower — starting in F — as you were doing.

I'd call this song's key Db, and in a way it "breaks the rule" about spending a lot of time on the 1 chord. I wouldn't get too hung up on that, though. I think you'll find that most charts you're doing will have a more obvious home key, and they'll hit the 1 chord much more often.

So in the key of Db, this tune in numbers would be:
Verse: 4 5 6m
Chorus: 4 5 1 etc....

And by the way, during the verse (the first verse anyway), I'm hearing that 4 chord as 4add9 the first two times around, then 4maj7 the last two times. And I think the 6m in the chorus gets a b7 here and there. And I'm sure there's other stuff going on... :)
Actually, I forgot that I changed the key down a half step. F G A are easier to think about than Gb Ab Bb. Thanks for the reminder.

Let's assume the key is Db. I didn't hear that Db being played at all, so there was no 1 on my chart. Because you do hear the Db chord being played, it makes even more sense to say that the key is Db. (I don't have a good ear at all, so I'll take you word for it and listen harder.)

Thanks for the help!