Issue with Google Drive import

Hello from France.
Just bought the app and it looks promising.
One quick question though : a friend sent me a bunch of .1ch charts. I imported them on my google drive. When I try to import them in the app I go to the folder and I can see the files but they are greyed and I can't import any of them on my IPad.
What am I doing wrong ?
Thank you.


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Hi Pierre, sorry you're having trouble with this. We've had one other report of Google Drive import issues that we couldn't replicate, and the situation eventually resolved itself for the user. In any case, I will follow up with you by email so we can work through the issue. Thanks!
Hi Mark. Thank you for the quick response. Still have the same issue.
So, just so you know :
- open the app
- click on +
- import chart (opens the iCloud Drive menu)
- click "emplacements" (french for locations" :)
- choose Google drive
- click on my gmail account name
- opens " my drive" where I see the folder with all the charts
- click to open the folder
- all the charts are there but they're "pale" and can not be open.

I'm going to uninstall re-install the app just in case.
I'll let you know

Édit : it didn't resolve the problem sadly

Waiting on your wisdom :)
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Ah, wisdom... you may be waiting a while. ;) But...

Please try restarting the iPad, as well. And I'll email you a test chart, to see if you're able to import it (from the Mail app rather than Google Drive).

Edit: Test file sent to your email.
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