How to write a bass walkup


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I need to notate a bass walkup as a pick-up bar. The walkup is a "5 6 7" on the 3& 4 4&. On a paper chart, I would just write out the pick up bar with 3 1/8th notes, with the bass note numbers written above. I don't see a way to do something similar in 1Chart and haven't found any threads addressing this subject. Any tips?


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No pickup note functionality yet... and I really don't have a good workaround for you. You could do some kind of trick using "notes" (numbers) in parens or a box with rhythm above, or something like that, but it's non-standard.

PIckup notes are definitely on the wish list.


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Fair enough. For now, I just wrote out a split bar measure 567 then added the 1/8th notes above it and inserted a comment. For an enhancement, I'd like to do it the opposite way: write out the notation, then have the note numbers/letters ABOVE the notation.


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This is how I do it. When writing a chart for a full band, I leave out a lot of details that aren't essential to all players. The bass player can write in his notes for a pickup if he needs them written.