How to merge songs into a single PDF (for iBooks etc.)


For those starting out with iPads, PDFs and 1Chart, here is a process I use for preparing a single multi-page PDF on my iPad.

Each chart in 1Chart is shared to an app that converts to PDF, then use Open in … to copy into PDF Expert app to merge them into a single PDF document.
(Apparently with 1Chart v2 we will be able to use Open in to directly share it as a PDF without needing to convert, but using an interim converter app works with v1.7.)
I created a front page, index and other material in Pages, shared them as PDF directly into PDF Expert and merged again. I arranged the order of the pages by dragging around each page's thumbnails, then used Open in ... to iBooks to check.

I can add annotations if needed in PDF Expert—for instance, using a text highlighter tool, a single tap on a symbol (like repeat, Coda or Segno) will highlight it (they are recognised like text characters, see the example attached). Other tools can be used for adding text anywhere (size, color, font options), tap to underline, add objects like circles and rectangles and manually draw highlights or scribbles.

Some musicians use PDF music apps (such as forScore) where individual PDF charts are best because they organise all their charts into categories to group them within that specialised app. But a single document as I outline here might be preferred for print, reference, album, teaching or used in standard PDF viewing apps like iBooks or on other tablets like Android or MS Surface with any PDF viewer.

There are many PDF apps out there used to prepare PDFs (converting, merging, annotating).
I have been using Readdle apps for a few years now and although relatively expensive (and occasionally a version update is a paid one), have been reliable, work well with features I have required, have been updated with improvements and (importantly) their tech support is excellent.
(I do not have any affiliation with Readdle, other than using their apps.)

PDF Converter
PDF Expert (merge, annotations)


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