How to delete a section?


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How do you delete a section? I can delete the chords in a section, but I'm still left with the section name with no apparent way to delete it. For example:
IntroA: C G C G
IntroB: Am F Am F
V1: C C C C G G G G

I want to delete all of IntroA. I can delete the chords but am left with an empty section:

Am F Am F
V1: C C C C G G G G

I can select and change the name of IntroA. I can even delete all the text/letters of the section name - which then leaves me with a tall gaping blank line.


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Getting rid of the first section is a little different from deleting any other section. In your example:
  • Place the cursor to left of first chord in IntroB. (Easiest: Tap/hold to bring up the magnifying glass, then drag cursor into place)
  • Hit the delete key and keep tapping delete until you've backed IntroB content into IntroA
  • Rename IntroA whatever you want
Hope that helps. Can make a quick video if it isn't clear.


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Got it. Didn't realize the trick was to take a running start from the sibling section. Thanks.