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Daniel Prine

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My name is Daniel Prine and I am a bass player working primarily in the metro NYC area. I freelance and the NNS has helped me prepare for many shows..especially a few where I've had very short notice. I was introduced to this method by my friend Martin Norgaard who is a professor at Georgia State University and has authored several Mel Bay books on improvisational jazz fiddle. A great talent.
I am in the process of transferring most of my paper charts onto this application and look forward to using it on future shows via my iPad.
The developers did an amazing job with this product and I wish them great success... I've discovered that there aren't too may of my musician friends that are on to this method of charting songs..but I have been preaching it's usefulness..
Thank you and it's great to be here.


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Welcome, Daniel! And thanks for chiming in here! Always interesting to hear where people first learned about the Number System, and where/how they're putting it to use now. The "short notice" use is something I think a lot of people can relate to. :)