'Fixing' wrong initial key


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Is there any way to change the key without changing the chords? Example: I started charting a song using letters and neglected to set the key first. So - after charting my song in Ab with all my Ab Db and Eb chords, I realized the key signature in the header showed Key: C. I couldn't "fix" that header to show Key: Ab without changing the key and thus all of my chords. Would be nice to have a toggle option when changing the key to update the chords or not.


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Hi @jac, yes, that could be simplified! But here's a workaround to use (until a toggle option is added) when you realize you forgot to set the header key initially:
  • At beginning of chart, add a mod ("adjust" off) to the correct "new" key. Ab in your example .
  • Change header key ("adjust" off) to the correct key. Ab in your example.
  • Delete the mod.
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