Feature request: Rest without chord symbol


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Please - the ability to add a rest without having to add a chord. For example, consider one bar of E and one bar of rest. Currently, I need two bars of E with a rest over the second one. I don't want a chord there at all. Just the rest symbol (large, in place of the chord). (I know I can use X instead of a chord, but I'd rather have just the rest.(



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There is a way to add a rest without adding a chord — looks close to your mockup, although with the rest placed higher.

For the how-to, please see the "Rhythm over spaces" section on this page:

Basically, tap the green key on the rhythm keyboard (the key will then turn red), and you can add rests with no chord beneath. Tip: When you're done, don't forget to tap the red key so it turns green again, to get back into regular rhythm notation mode.

The attached screenshot shows a few examples of how this will look, from 1. half-bar rest to 2. full bar (no X) to 3. full bar with X (for anyone who likes that approach!).


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