Exporting or printing charts

Hello. I am a new user. When I hit the share button, it asks for pdf or 1Chart file. When I hit either then hit export, it doesn’t give me a choice to share, print, email....anything. The app just turns off and I have to reopen. How do I get it to share or print?



Staff member
Hello, sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. I've followed up by email with you to try to get this issue sorted out for you. Thank you!

Update for anyone seeing this thread: The issue boiled down to using a very early, buggy beta of iPadOS 13. As a reminder, please don't run the Apple betas if you need your iPad to run reliably. :)
Update for anyone seeing this thread!!

I just wanted everyone to know that Mark helped me fix my problem! It was an iPad issue, not the app. This APP is amazing and I love it!!! Not to mention the customer support from Mark (He was awesome and so helpful). GET THIS APP. You won't be sorry!

Thanks again Mark!