Editing Comments: iPadOS or external/hardware keyboard issue


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I could be mistaken, but I don't believe this was always the case. I believe this issue started happening after I updated my iPad A2197 to iPadOS 15.4.1...

The only way to end editing a Comment, is by hitting the on-screen 'Done' button; even when using an external aka. hardware aka. Bluetooth keyboard.

Part of the problem...
When using an external keyboard with 1Chart, and adding or editing a Comment, 1Chart adds a grey status bar along the entire bottom of the screen with only a 'Done' button in the bottom, right-hand corner.

The issue...
Also, when using an external keyboard with 1Chart, an on-screen keyboard menu, placed by iPadOS appears... also at the bottom, right-hand corner... exactly over-top of 1Chart's 'Done' button, essentially 'hiding' the Done button, preventing you from hitting it.

(As I mentioned, I believe this is new, possibly with 15.4.1...)

The on-screen keyboard menu can be moved to the opposite corner of the screen by dragging. So, to access the Done button, every time you go to add or edit a Comment, you have to drag iPadOS's on-screen keyboard menu out of the way.

(Prior, I believe the iPadOS on-screen keyboard menu appeared in the bottom-left corner of the screen, or else, reappeared in the bottom-left corner after dragging it once, not hiding 1Chart's Done button.)

The main problem...
...is, the iPadOS on-screen keyboard menu, that appears when you use a hardware keyboard, does not keep its position after you drag/move it in 1Chart, and add or edit a Comment again.

My questions...
1. Am I the only one with this issue?
2. Can 1Chart be changed, so that it's Comment feature does not need the 'Done' button, and instead, accepts the Return key as Done?
3. Is this 15.4.1 update-related? Am I right, in saying this didn't used to be a problem, with the on-screen keyboard?



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@1KE, thanks for reporting this, and for providing the details/screenshot. We'll need do some testing to pin down what's going on, e.g. see if we can replicate and determine if it's specifically related to 15.4.1.


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No problem, Mark. Thanks for the reply.

Allow me to add...

Some apps do not add their own keyboard 'tool bar' like 1Chart does, and some do.

Ones that do: 1Chart, OnSong 2020, Drafts for iPad (screenshots attached), Chrome for iPad

Note how OnSong 2020 and Drafts, when they add their own keyboard 'tool bar', they do so above the Bluetooth/hardware keyboard tools that iPadOS adds on top.

This seems to solve the 'conflict' issue.

Why iPadOS doesn't place its on-screen Bluetooth/hardware keyboard tools in the last place I moved it, is another issue.


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Of course, just as you investigate, this is now happening.. attached

... the iPadOS keyboard tool is now appearing on the LHS by default, and not blocking the1Chart Done button.

ie. The problem seems to have fixed itself.


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Great to hear! We'll keep an eye on this. We've seen similar cases in the past, where keyboard/layout issues appear and then are resolved with a later OS update.


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... the iPadOS keyboard tool is now appearing on the RHS by default, blocking the1Chart Done button again, as per my original screenshot.

It's a mystery to me, how it changed, or changed back.


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Thanks for the update, @1KE. It will be late next week before we're able to investigate this further, but I've got it queued up for testing.