Difficulty selecting Box vs Underline for split bars


I have recently experienced difficulty in selecting a box to designate split bars. It will work fine when I start a new chart, but as I go further down the page and add more sections, the selection for “underline” or “box” begins to run together, until the words are overlapping each other and it becomes very difficult to select the box feature. I can do the underline, but prefer to use a box for split bars. I have an iPad Pro and recently updated it. I have done everything I know to reboot the app and the iPad and this continues to occur. Could the update have affected how 1Chart is functioning or is something going on with the app?


Staff member
Hi @eastvirginiablues, thanks for reporting this. We were unaware of this bug, but are able to reproduce it and will get it logged for a fix. In the meantime, a workaround, when you're working on longer charts where this issue gets especially problematic: Long-press the End Measure button to bring up the alternate popup showing Underline/Box options.

Thanks again!