Diamond on 3?

How do you notate a diamond on beat 3? In handwritten charts, I always used to write ' ' <> over the bar to indicate two beats of chords, followed by diamond on beat 3. It seems that, in 1chart, you can't use hash marks with diamonds, and then you have to decide which denom. to use to convey the concept of "keep playing rhythm for the first half of this bar". Thoughts?
Ah. Okay. Well, I guess that'll work. Would be cool to have it as an option to do a series of the Nashville rhythms (e.g. ' ' '<>), but for now we'll go with that. Thanks.


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I'll make about this and see what I can do in a future update, to allow the format you described above. Thanks, chafferdon.


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I agree--it would be nice if the diamond could be used interchangeably with hash marks over a single chord number. 2 hashmarks plus a diamond over a single chord would mean diamond on 3. That might be nice for the marcato symbol as well, say, to indicate a stop on beat 3, for example.