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Absolutely phenomenal app. Purchased it yesterday, have been using it since yesterday afternoon and I'm getting very fast at it. Really terrific work. Have a question about dealing with overflow. I have one crammed measure that I can't skim anymore. Is there a way to force a measure to be smaller font? I already have the chart at the minimum.


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Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

To squeeze that measure in... Do you have "Minimize Horizontal Spacing" selected? That plus the smallest font are your best bets. There's no way to drop the font size beyond that smallest setting.

But (as you've probably figured out!), changing to fewer measures per line will give you a wider space to work with for each measure.
Thanks Mark. Yes, minimal spacing is checked, it’s down to the bone, and of course this is not a super common measure where you would have that many chords.

Perhaps a feature request would either be to force it via font size, or maybe number of chords per line to be independent it something.

All of the other overflow I have encountered has been pretty easy to trim
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I often run into this overflow issue. Sometimes the content looks like it might even fit or enough would fit to be legible but the overflow marker covers part of the measure. Sometimes using the smaller font size helps but I'd rather have the rest of the chart be larger font. I would welcome a 'force fit' option, or even a way to not display the overflow marker or make it smaller.
I usually send charts to the guys in pdf so there are times when the contents of the end of a bar are a mystery until I pull up the file in the app.
I do love the app overall, thanks for making it easier to keep everyone on the same page.