Change chart key without transposing ANYTHING already charted


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As a 1Chart noob, I wrote out a chart without first specifying the key. Now I can't change it without affecting any non-modded sections I've already written. YES, I did see the workaround about inserting an artificial mod, but that's a pretty clumsy solution. Why not simply add an option when changing the entire chart key to make no downstream transpositions? I'm pretty sure that's a common issue even with experienced users who get in a hurry and start charting without first specifying the key.


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Hi @bw99, glad you found the workaround... But yes, would be preferable to not have to go through the extra steps. We do have a "don't change anything I've already charted" option marked as high priority for the next major update.

For anyone who's wondering what the workaround is, please see this thread.
I know this is an old post, but with version 2 at least, it's very simple.
In letter-mode, double-tap and make sure the whole chart is selected. Then choose "cut".
Change the key. Then double tap and choose "paste". The letters will be the same, and when
you switch to number mode, the numbers will be wright.