Carlos from Madrid, Spain


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Hi! I'm Carlos from Madrid, Spain, bass player in country, soul and rock bands. I got the app a few weeks ago and it's worth every single penny, makes chart creation such a breeze. Although I almost always use the number system, it's great to have the option to use letters instead because I prefer that for an originals band where structures are a bit more complex than country/soul ones, keys doesn't ever change and, when communicating with the other members, I don't have to "translate" numbers to chords. I use mine with an iPad Pro 10.4" + Gewa mic stand gizmo. The other day I started with a new soul band and for the first time I used 1Chart not for creating charts, but editing them on the spot during rehearsal to accommodate structure changes, and it was also great, very fast and easy.

To name a feature request: in "performance mode", sliding to change charts not always works well with my iPad because it thinks I want to "move" the sheet around, not change charts. Maybe the header section could use buttons to change charts, or maybe sliding right/left in the header chart could be "reserved" for chart changing (meaning if you touch the header section, the app doesn't think you want to scroll the sheet, just change charts).

Great work!


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Hi Carlos, and welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself and for sharing a bit about how you use the app. I can certainly understand using letter chords for more complex tunes. Even if someone is completely fluent in Numbers, it's sometimes helpful just to go straight to letter chords for certain songs.

I'll add your notes about performance mode to the feature wish list — all makes sense, and I appreciate the feedback.