Assorted wish list items

Morse Bicknell

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In no particular order, here are some things that I'd like to see in future versions of this *outstanding* app. (Haven't been using it for too long, so a couple of these may just be things I haven't figured out yet). Thanks, and keep up the great work.

More fonts would be nice (~Fake Book font), or at least ability to change size, italicize, etc

Specific “Lyrics” ability would be nice, and/or comments of more than one line (maybe to add performance notes in a blank space of the chart or the like); and would be nice to be able to write in small font above chord (e.g., “band in”)

Would be nice if a section intelligently moved into the second column if possible in 2-column view (or if you could insert a “column break” or the like)

Would be nice if Section text could be smaller if needed (so “Break” or the like would fit on one line in 2-column view)

Would also be nice to be able to put a box around a Section title, for instance if you’d like to have A, B, C sections like jazz chart

Would be nice if ~walk-up/down arrow could fit under or over the chord number

Ability to modify the small notes above chords would be nice (staccato, marcato, tenuto, etc)

Would be helpful to have more space to write “double time” or “swing 16ths” or the like by the tempo, as well as 1/4 note and 1/8 note symbols so you could write “1/8 note = 110 bpm” and things like that, and/or maybe musical note symbols indicating swing

Sometimes hard to see “Add” button when you have check-marked a song to add to a notebook

Ability to add larger musical notes with numbers over them would be cool, to show a bass line, for instance (or even notes on a staff)

Can you insert a new section before an existing section?

How do you put “pushed” mark next to chord and not directly over it like an accent? If not possible, would be very helpful.

How do marcato above chord? (i.e., this symbol ^ and not a solid diamond)

How do 1 6/4 thing as in Fake Book? (i.e., where the small 6 is directly above the small 4 next to a chord)

Sometimes more space above a chord would be nice, like to put both a hash mark (ie one beat mark) and a marcato, or fermata and another symbol (sometimes the symbols hide each other partly or completely)

Would be nice to have option of “Blues in A” or the like for the key, including when modulating

Can’t figure out how to insert something before a comment when it’s the first thing in a section

Would be nice if Notebooks indicated how many songs they contain

Two half note diamonds are different sizes when one chord is minor, looks a little odd

Dark mode would be nice as just a “look” to work in... sometimes easier on the eyes

Is there a way to express Modulations in a relative way? (i.e., “Mod up a whole step” instead of “Mod to C”); If not, that would be nice

Thanks again for a really fantastic and super useful app!!


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Great list! I may be following up for clarification on some items.


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Great list! I may be following up for clarification on some items.
The thing that I would most like to see added is a way to denote down and up sections. I hate burning through an entire line to write a text note for (down) when a straight down arrow that could be placed before a chord would suffice. Same thing with back up. That's the absolute most "meh" thing about the app. I end up using the arrows that are meant for other things sometimes, but I don't like it haha.

Also, the Nashville Number System app has an iPhone version. It's just that the formatting looks like garbage. I know there's been some reticence to create an iPhone version, but Chas Williams has managed to do it. However, he doesn't have columns or a dozen other things that actually are nice about 1Chart. I believe in you!


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Free-floating text boxes that you can drag and drop anywhere at all (not limited to lines, sections, etc) with access to full keyboard AND all of the other symbols used would knock out a TON of wishlist items that I've seen here. Maybe not the MOST elegant way to do this or that specific thing, but good enough for now. Adding the capability of handwriting to those free-floating boxes, and holy smokes are we flying high.