Another Bunch Of App Ideas...


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Hi Mark,

Firstly thank you so much for this app! It's absolutely amazing & has made my chart writing life so much easier! On top of that it has cut down paper use in my house by about 90%!

As I said the app is amazing but there are a few things missing that would make my charting life even simpler.

1. Make the size of the key really large - not the word "Key" but the key itself - preferably as large as the Title & Subtitle combined so that there can
be no mistake.

2. The ability to add comments anywhere on the elsewhere on the header for extra info about feel, in the side columns for what
instrument might be playing fills or at the end to allow the addition of lyrics for us folks with poor memories.

3. Add a letter index in the "Charts" drop down so that one can jump to "T" instead of having to scroll through 674 songs to get there.

4. Make the "Tempo" box longer & also allow us to put an actual note value in it. Some time signatures need the note value as
well as the speed to get the message across correctly. 6/8 for example...quaver = 140bpm or dotted crochet = 75bpm.

5. Give the "tie" the ability to stretch to wherever the next bar is no matter how many spaces have been used between bars. Also the ability to
choose which way up the tie is.

6. Allow the addition of an image - jpg or png - to the a staff with notation as a reminder about the song intro. I currently add these via a
3rd party app which ends up being a little time consuming.

7. The ability to add an image eg a logo & save it as a preset. I currently do this so that my charts are not mistaken for someone else's...

None of the above are dealbreakers in any way, shape or form but would simply speed up my processes. I hope I haven't repeated too many that have been posted before.

Once again, thank you very much for the app - it's absolutely awesome!

Cheers DoctorCleff.


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@DoctorCleff , thank you for the feedback! Great to hear you're enjoying the app, and I will make sure all of your suggestions make it to the wish list. There are definitely new/original points in your list. :)