A simple request for free text under chords...


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I'm loving the 1chart app - I've been making number charts for years and manage a collection of thousands for a local theater. It's taking me about twice as long to chart a song in 1chart as doing it by hand, but the end result is much cleaner and flexible, so it's well worth the time spent.

There are several features I'd like to see improved in the future to save me time and improve the resulting charts, but only one real big one, which I think would be beneficial to many and simple to implement.

Many times I need to add comments under chords, here just a few random examples i can come up with on the spot:

* an intro with 3x repeats, I might write: "1x piano, 2x +gt, 3x +band"
* "notes" (when writing out a lick, as opposed to putting "no" after each chord)
* "even 8ths" for a few bars
* "gt fills" for a couple of bars in the middle of a line
* "swell" under the last chord of the song
* "2nd ending on D.S."

I realize that technically the "comment" feature can be used for this, but it ruins the flow of the char, takes up too much space and the placement of the text isn't ideal.

My thought of implementing this would be to use a variation of the ritardando feature where the user selects a range of bars, then chooses a "comment" command and enters the text that will be displayed instead of "rit".

This one feature would make my life much better!

I've been running the app off of my wife's iPad but now I'm going to have to buy one for myself. Thanks a lot haha!


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Thousands of charts! Wow. I'm making a note to ping you when I need to stress test the app. :)

More flexibility for comments (placement and style, basically) is a request I get pretty often, so please stay tuned. Thanks for the examples — very helpful to understand how/where comments are being used so I can build something that gives the right options.

Sorry that you're going to have to buy another iPad! But it'll be worth it!