A Bunch Of App Ideas

Makoa Johnson

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First off, thank you all so much for creating this app. I bought an iPad specifically so I could use 1Chart, and over the course of using it for the past year+ it has already been a life changing app.

Now the selfish part where I list a bunch of things I've found I would love for the app to have on top of what it already has. I'm sure I'm not the first person to bring this stuff up, but I figure hearing more voices from the user base can't hurt, even though I assume changing anything and having everything else still work is a major process.

-In the charts list: display a running grand total of the number of charts in the app.

-In the notebooks list: display the total number of notebooks, as well as the number of charts inside each notebook (without tapping into the notebook itself.)

-A master "export all charts to pdf" option.

-When using aligned measures: make the orange overlap warning somehow less aggressive? There are many times, for example say two consecutive split measures (2m 3m) (4 5), where the m of the 3m gets cut off by the warning box even though it would not infringe upon the start of the next measures number. Same goes for some rhythms.

-An even smaller font option to allow for longer form songs to fit on one page when using measure align mode. A fit to page option would be very cool, but just a smaller size would work fine.

-Retain the option to have aligned measures while in two column mode. (This would make me so happy!)

-Option to change the functionality of the "end measure" button to a "split measure" button. In other words every chord number would automatically enter as one full measure *unless* the button is pressed, & then tapped again once the split measure is fully entered.
(This would be like a speed mode. In this mode it could also maybe default to auto input diatonic chord values, i.e. typing 1 6 2 5 would enter 1 6m 2m 5.)

-Allow the use of ending numbers with the measure repeat symbol. For some reason if I attempt to input an ending number on a measure with the measure repeat symbol instead of a chord number, the ending number does not display.

-Allow for accent markings above rhythmic notation.

-In the key selection menu allow for Dsharp and Gsharp.

-Even if it pushes down the rest of the chart, an auto-expanding top title section to accommodate long titles and multi-line title above, info / instructions below, type needs. (and/or adaptive text that gets smaller and adjusts to always fit the entire title in the existing space.)
- ^ A partial alternative solution could also be separate text slots for artist name, and feel, in addition to key, tempo, and time signature on the top of all charts.

-Ability to color highlight a selection of chords and have that color highlight carry over on a PDF export.

-If a chart becomes multi-page in the middle of a section, automatically re-insert that sections name (continued) on the new page.
-^Additionally automatically having something like a "title, page 2" marker somewhere on the additional pages would streamline sharing / printing multi-page charts for sessions.

-Better documentation of how comments work, and how they can be manipulated.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and consider all of that, and again many thanks for creating a truly great app!


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Amazing list, Makoa! Thanks for taking the time to do this. All makes sense to me, and you've hit on some great points not brought up before.

Following up on a few things:
  • Good to know that measure-align is a desired feature in two-column mode. I haven't heard this particular request before.
  • About a "speed entry" mode... This one is definitely on my radar as a time-saving option. Good stuff.
  • Thanks for bringing up D# and G#. Was starting to wonder if anyone cared about D# in particular.
  • For documentation on comments, I can add specific examples of how they can be used, if that's helpful. For ex., on a line above a section, below a section, between measures, etc. Or let me know if it's something else you're looking for.
I keep track of all feedback, and add it to a wish list for prioritization, so all of your ideas will be represented there and considered for the next major revision. Thanks again!

Makoa Johnson

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Really appreciate your reply and continued work Mark!

As I've been using the app I just kept a little running doc noting the stuff that I thought about more than once, and I realized I hadn't written anything new down for a few months so I figured now was as good a time as any to share it.

Looking forward to seeing what your future developments bring!

Makoa Johnson

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Stoked that this app is continuing to be updated!

I've noticed a few more things that may have been brought up in the forums already, but figured I would add them on to this thread.

-When using aligned measures and notation, in some cases ending the measure will cut off / hide some of the entered notation.

-When using notation it would be great to have the ability to backspace incrementally by one note rather than having one press delete the entire bars worth of notation.

-When using triplets with quarter notes it seems there is no way to enter a quarter rest into the triplet rhythm.

-In some instances for ease of placement it would be nice to have comments behave like free floating text boxes rather than being tied to measures.

-Still would like to see an active counter of the total number of charts in the app, as well as the number of charts in each notebook.

Again thank you so much for the continued support and development of this app, as it continues to be a supremely usefull tool!


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Thank you for the additional thoughts! All noted and will carry forward onto the wish list. I appreciate the feedback!