1Chart Keyboards disappearing? "Dock" the iOS Keyboard...


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If you find that after you've edited alpha text (song title, section label, comment, etc.) in 1Chart using the standard alpha-numeric keyboard, and then can't make 1Chart's keyboards appear by tapping within the chart, try this:
  1. Go to Apple's Notes app (included with iOS)
  2. Start typing in a note to bring up the standard iOS keyboard.
  3. Tap/Hold the "Hide Keyboard" key until you see a menu appear above it.
  4. If the menu gives options for "Dock" and "Split," choose "Dock."
    (If you're instead shown an option for "Dock and Merge," select that.)
Then head back to 1Chart, and things should be working as expected.

How did the iOS keyboard become undocked in the first place? In most cases, it's an accidental long press that creates the issue. If you're still having trouble, please send an email and we will sort it out!



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This problem still occurs in 2022. A fix I found in a different thread on this forum was to just go to settings and disable the "split keyboard" option. That appears to have fixed the problem. Adding search keyboards "missing keyboard", "disappearing keyboard", "vanishing keyboard" to this post so others may be able to find it in the future.